PESTGO # 1 Possum Leg-hold Traps - NZ's Best Leg-hold Trap

  • The best #1 leg-hold traps in New Zealand - fully legal, solid, reliable, proven quality guaranteed + used nationwide
  • Made of high-quality steel featuring solid construction base + jaws with 40 long chain
  • MAF & DOC-approved - perfect for fur + skin collection or general monitoring + control
  • Guaranteed as the strongest, most reliable and best-value traps in New Zealand

$5.30 each
50+ $5.10 ea
100+ $4.90 ea

Bulk pricing available


PESTGO # 1.5 Possum & Rabbit Soft-catch Leg-hold Trap

  • Superb quality # 1.5 soft-catch traps
  • MAF and DOC approved as regulation soft-catch
  • Made of high-quality steel - solid construction base, durable jaws + 42cm long chain
  • Perfect for fur and skin collection or general + more humane control of possums, rabbits, ferrets and feral cats



PESTGO # 1.5
$23.50 each
50+ $19.50 ea
100+ $18.50 ea

Bulk pricing available


TIMMS Possum & Feral Cat Kill Trap

  • Developed for safe, easy use in a wide variety of rural and field situations
  • Robust, visible yet very simple and lightweight plastic design
  • Easily set by simply pulling cord at rear of trap
  • Highly suited for rural, horticultural, life-style blocks and community conservation projects

$38.50 each
10+ $36.50 ea

Bulk pricing available


DOC 200 Multi-purpose Stoat Trap with box

  • Developed specifically for effective stoat, weasel, ferret and hedgehog trapping
  • Trap contained in H3-treated wooden box to minimise risk of non-target capture
  • Easy and safe to set + re-bait
  • Standard Zinc or Stainless Steel trap options
  • Individual traps (with no box) available
  • DOC 150 + 250 traps also available



$65.50 each
10+ $63.50 ea

Stainless Steel
$75.50 each

Bulk pricing available


GOOD NATURE A12 Possum & A24 Stoat + Rat Traps

  • Multi-award winning automated self-resetting A12 Possum & A24 Stoat + Rat traps
  • Safe for birds & pets, but kills cleanly & instantly, resetting itself straight away
  • A12 700g - 12 resets with Cinnamon Auto-Lure
  • A24 545g - 24 resets with Rabbit Auto-Lure

A12 and A24
$159 each
10+ $155 ea

Bulk pricing available


SENTINEL Possum & Feral Cat Kill Trap

  • Multi-purpose possum and feral cat kill trap
  • White coreflute cover for visible yet lightweight plastic design
  • Good for short-medium term control
  • Set includes trap, tree attachment, bait clip and coreflute cover

$32.50 each
10+ $30.50 ea

Bulk pricing available


TRAPINATOR Possum & Feral Cat Kill Trap

  • Simple & durable possum and feral cat kill trap
  • Easy-setting and re-baiting design
  • Effective for long-term cost-effective trapping
  • Set includes trap and cover combo and attachment screws

$38.50 each
10+ $35 ea

Bulk pricing available



  • Live capture durable, collapsible cage trap with active treadle plate
  • Designed specifically for live capture of possums, rabbits, cats, ferrets + stoats
  • Dimensions; L 700mm x W 305mm x H 305mm

$69 each
10+ $65 ea

Bulk pricing available



  • Proven, reliable and cost-effective wooden-base rat + mouse traps
  • Easy and safe set with large treadle plate
  • Good for indoor use or covered outdoor rodent trapping

MOUSE 2-pack $1.95
RAT single trap $3.60



  • Powerful rat + mouse traps perfect for all indoor and outdoor situations
  • Quick, easy and safe set and release in one click
  • Designed with large bait reservoir and treadle plate for maximum catching

MOUSE $3.60
RAT $5.90

Bulk pricing available



  • Life-size heavy duty plastic magpie
  • Great at scaring away pest birds from crops, vines and other farming or domestic situations
  • Fitted with long spike to put in ground or attach to fence posts, roofs etc.
  • Also effective at luring magpies into cage traps

$26.50 each

5+ $24.50 ea

Bulk pricing available


KK Possum, Rodent & Wasp Bait Stations

  • Cost-effective, compact and lightweight bait station used nationwide
  • One-piece mould that folds into simple station
  • Easily carried and nailed onto trees or posts
  • Suitable for cereal pellet or paste baiting

$2.20 each
50+ $1.90 ea

Bulk pricing available


GS Card Possum Bait Stations

  • Light-weight, cost-effective card bait stations
  • Designed for safe and visible use of all cyanide products and pre-feed
  • Carried flat and easily made on site with standard stapler
  • Proven and used extensively nationwide

100-card packs
$22 per pack

Bulk pricing available


PHILPROOF Possum, Rabbit and Wallaby Bait Station

  • One of NZ's most popular medium-large sized pest mammal bait stations
  • Heavy-duty plastic with 1600g bait capacity
  • Fully weather and rodent-proof design maximises bait effectiveness long term
  • Easily modified for rabbit & wallaby control
  • Nail and spacer provided for mounting

$14.90 each
30+ $13.50 ea

Bulk pricing available


SENTRY Possum & Rodent Bait Station

  • Medium-sized possum and rodent bait station
  • Compact + moderately weatherproof design - fits 300g of bait
  • Can be stacked for efficient remote location work

$9.30 each
50+ $8.60

Bulk pricing available


POSSIPOT Possum Bait Stations

  • Highly-effective pot bait station pack
  • Simple, durable, visible and cost-effective
  • Re-usable tough pot & wooden stakes with poison sign also included
  • Suitable for paste or pellet baiting

20-pack set
$24.50 each
5+ sets
$22.50 each set


MULTI-FEEDER Rabbit Bait Station

  • Safe, efficient and effective rabbit bait station
  • Cylindrical double-wall design holds 2kg of bait
  • Unique design protects bait from weather and restricts non-target and agricultural species from accessing baits

$17.50 each
10+ $16.90

Bulk pricing available


RODENT BAITER Rat + Mouse Bait Stations

  • Light-weight, stackable rodent bait stations
  • Safe, economical & effective way to place rodent bait inside or outside
  • Agri-Quality approved - Catagory B - food/beverage/dairy/factory
  • Ask us about 'Provoke' rodent attractants to complement your baiting or trapping

RAT Baiter $5.50
10+ $4.90 ea

MOUSE Baiter $3.30
10+ $3.10 ea


PROTECTA Lockable Rat + Mouse Bait Stations

  • Tamper-resistant rat & mouse bait stations
  • Versatile, light-weight, safe & effective way to place bait inside or outside
  • Prongs hold bait inside and opens with key
  • Agri-Quality approved - Catagory B - food/beverage/dairy/factory

RAT $11.60
10+ $10.90 ea

MOUSE $6.20
10+ $5.90 ea



  • For outdoor use to trap and kill flies & wasps where they become pests
  • Environmentally friendly using no pesticides or chemicals
  • Durable, long life deign with refills available
  • Effectively kills flies & wasps and is easy to set up and clean

$9.50 each
10+ $8.90

Bulk pricing available



  • No pesticides or chemicals are used to attract flies
  • Flies get trapped on glued internal panels
  • Trap is easy to dispose of in the rubbish
  • Will start catching flies around windows within the hour

$9.50 each

10+ $8.90

Bulk pricing available


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