TRACKING TUNNELS - for small mammals, lizards & invertebrates

  • New Zealand's best animal footprint tracking tunnel system
  • Superior light, robust, stand-alone & field flat-stackable coreflute
  • Sits up without support and able to be secured effectively in every environment
  • National protocol dimensions with longer roof and locking tabs for extra robustness
  • CAT TRACKING TUNNELS also available below

$7.30 each

10+ $6.90

100+ $6.50

Bulk pricing available


Foot Prints INK, REFILLS & Tracking Tunnel CARDS

    FootPrints INK

  • Superior lasting, environmentally-friendly, animal-safe black ink for use in all tracking tunnel systems
  • FootPrints INK REFILLS

  • Super-convenient INK REFILLS - use your old ink container and save money and earth!!!

  • Superior, un-inked weather-proof cardboard cards suitable for all foot-print tunnels
  • Provide excellent print reproduction
  • Pre-creased so you can easily fold in half for easy and tidy collection
  • National protocol dimensions fit any tunnel

FootPrints Ink
100ml Bottle



FootPrints Ink REFILL

1L $73

5L $235


CARDS $0.49c

200+ $0.45c



  • New Zealand's only proven tracking tunnel system for FERAL CATS
  • Light, strong, superior, stand-alone & field flat- stackable coreflute for simple deployment
  • Standard protocol & proven in all environments
  • Dimensions 1010 L x 210mm W x 210 H self-standing with multi-securing side tabs
  • Reusable coreflute-base cards provide excellent print reproduction and simple collection

$26.50 each

20+ $24.50

CAT TT cards

$2.80 each

20+ $2.50

Bulk pricing available


CHEW CARD - BITE TAG pest mammal monitoring device

  • National standard monitoring device for possums, rodents and mustelid species
  • Consists of a coreflute tag filled with specially formulated long-life paste that preserve bite marks for accurate interpretation & monitoring
  • Lightweight, simple, easily-transported in bulk and extremely cost-effective
  • Endorsed by Landcare Research, AHB & DOC and used extensively nationwide
  • Packaged to suit work requirements

Filled Tags

$0.30 each

500+ $0.29

Unfilled Tags

$0.23 each

500+ $0.22

Bulk pricing available


WAXTAG bite-mark monitoring device

  • Plastic tag with wax knob used for effective possum and rodent monitoring
  • Endorsed by AHB and has its own well-researched and proven national protocol
  • Lightweight, robust and simple with the wax knob preserving tooth impressions well
  • Packaged to suit work requirements

$1.10 each

500+ $1.05 ea

Bulk pricing available


ACO (Artificial Cover Object) Lizard & Invert monitoring covers

  • Nationally-accepted monitoring covers for lizard and invertebrate detection and monitoring
  • The material is corrugated bitumen roofing called 'Onduline' which absorbs and retains heat which is appealing to lizard and invert species
  • Lightweight, simple, easily-transported in bulk
  • Endorsed by DOC & used extensively nationwide
  • Standard 300 x 300mm with CUSTOM available

Individual sheets

$0.80 each

50+ sheets $0.65

Custom cutting & Bulk pricing available


WETA MOTELS - invertebrate monitoring homes

  • Standard-design wooden 'motels' for weta conservation + monitoring
  • Un-treated macrocarpa machined and hand finished
  • Lightweight, simple, easily-transported in bulk
  • Used extensively nationwide
  • Custom design possible to suit project requirements

$26.50 each

10+ $24.50 each

Bulk pricing available


Pitfall Trap supplies / Plastic Pottles & Pails

  • Pitfall trap supplies for invertebrate and lizard monitoring including containers, lids and pegs
  • Wide range of plastic containers and pails to suit your project requirements


PEANUT BUTTER - Bulk Monitoring & Baiting Supplies

  • Kiwi-made bulk Smooth Peanut Butter
  • High-quality human-grade ingredients and consistent formulation
  • Suitable for rodent tracking tunnel monitoring & possum/rodent baiting etc.
  • Good enough for the finest sandwiches too!!

Smooth 22kg


Smaller quantities also available

RABBIT MEAT pieces - Bulk Monitoring & Baiting Supplies

  • Freshly cut and frozen wild rabbit pieces
  • Cut to standard dessert spoon cube size
  • Perfect for traps, tracking tunnels etc.
  • Whole, skinned and gutted carcasses also available

5kg $59

10kg $99

Refrigerated freight & Bulk pricing available


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